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About Grace Church


Grace is a congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a conservative, Reformed, evangelical denomination. We are a multi-national, intergenerational community that strives to grow together in grace. As an ARP congregation, we subscribe to and uphold as standards the Westmister Confession of Faith as well as The Larger Catechism and The Shorter Catechism.



We affirm our agreement with the creeds of the early church that set forth the biblical doctrine of the trinity, including the full deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.



We affirm our agreement with the reformers that justification is by faith alone and that the Bible alone is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and doctrine.



We believe and preach the gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ has come into the world to save sinners. We believe that it is the church’s responsibility to take the gospel to the world, both locally and around the world.



We believe in the doctrines of grace and that the scriptures are sufficient for us to know how we ought to live and conduct ourselves, both individually and in the local church.



We affirm our agreement with the Westminster Confession of Faith on baptism, both infant and believers, and church government.

We as a congregation are closely in line to the
5 Solas of the Reformation:


Sola Scriptura

God’s word alone – our only foundation


Solus Christus 

Christ alone – our only mediator


Sola Gratia

Grace alone – our only method


Sola Fide

Faith alone – our only means


Soli Deo Gloria

Glory to God alone – our only ambition

Grace's Core Values:

  • Solid preaching/teaching of the Bible that is for the heart as well as the head. Our messages may be exegetical, topical and many times book studies.

  • Worship that honors the past and recognizes the present with our liturgy and a blending of traditional hymnody with newer music whose words carefully reflect our faith convictions. All is done with the goal of honoring the Lord and being in His presence.

  • Growing together as disciples of the Lord, encouraging, loving, and walking alongside each other. This is done through small groupsBible studies, and our interpersonal relationships.


We would love to have you visit with us and perhaps join our journey of growing together in grace. Come as you are. We are informal in style but serious about our God and Savior.

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