Q. What is an ARP? Does it stand for Association of Repressed Presbyterians?


A. No, actually, who we are was well put by another ARP pastor. We are kind of like Shoebox Greetings–
a tiny little division of Hallmark–we are a small group of Presbyterians that hail all the way back to Scotland where the Associates and Reformed groups pulled out of the Church of Scotland due to difficulties that in good conscience they could not go along with. And, when they both came stateside they merged together because the minor differences they had in Scotland were not as big a deal here. There are about 50 churches here in the US that include a wide variety with Spanish, Korean, Arabic and other language groups included.

We are theologically conservative and hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith as a subordinate document to the Bible.


Q. What is your view of the Bible?


A. We believe and teach that God used the authors of the Bible to say exactly what He wanted and meant. (Inspiration) In the original writings there are no mistakes or contradictions. (Inerrancy) The Bible was given to tell us what we are to believe about God and ourselves and how we are to live our lives as followers of Jesus.

Q. What is your doctrine?


A. We take our beliefs (doctrine) from the Bible. The document we believe that summarizes the overall teaching of the Bible is the Westminster Confession of Faith. The Shorter Catechism is a condensing of the larger body of writing and is an accurate representation of what we believe. You can find a Modernized Version of the Shorter Catechism here, or an "Official" Older Language version here.

Q. How should I dress to come to Grace Church?


A. We simply want you to be there. Some wear suits, some come in casual clothes and some come in shorts. Our main goal is to enjoy fellowship with you and with God. We welcome you to join us and clothing is not our primary concern.

Q. Will I be asked to give money?

A. We are not shakedown artists. We believe that God has made His followers stewards of what He has given them. Part of our worship is to give back a portion. That is why we take an offering. Giving is up to the conscience of the individual.

For any other questions you may have, feel free to Contact Us!

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