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What Can I Do?

First, just come and be with us. Regular attendance and fellowship makes a great deal of difference to you and to Grace.

  • We get to know each other.

  • We learn from solid Bible teaching with application to our lives.

  • We fellowship weekly at the Lord ’s Table.

  • We regularly enjoy meals with each other.

  • We discover our warts and all and learn to live as a genuine community.

  • We pray for our congregation and its friends in need.

  • We take care of each other.


As one gets to know Grace and as gifts and interests are discovered, there will be opportunities to serve. Perhaps in an area Grace had not thought of and would like to see happen. There are also needs in these several areas:

  • Music,

  • Kid’s ministry,

  • Ladies of Grace

  • Outreach/Hospitality,

  • Education,

  • Prayer,

  • Service,

  • Evangelism,

  • Missions,

  • Small Groups


Even though we are a small church, God has allowed us to be used in a big way throughout the world. Smallness does not mean impotence, it really means importance. Each person is needed and is a vital part of the Body of Christ. Could God be calling you to join with this portion of the Body as we work to build God’s Kingdom? It would be fun to find out.

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