Worship at Grace

How We Worship

We come as a fellowship to worship and bless the Audience of One. We understand worship is not primarily for the benefit of the believer, but for the blessing and honoring of God. Receiving blessing/encouragement/conviction/teaching, etc. is a side benefit for the Christian.

At Grace, we strive to have the worshipper engaged. Passivity is not encouraged and we work to engage the heart, body, mind and spirit with responsive reading, confessions, scripture readings from the congregation, intelligent singing, questions encouraged during the message, and active prayers from the congregation.

It is our belief that worship is to be given back to the people of God and that they are not spectators in a theater.

The very nature of worship means the believer should come ready to do the work of worship. This means setting aside distractions, concentrating on prayer, actively listening to the message, coming to communion ready to receive properly, recognizing what is happening at the table and in worship, and singing with one’s heart and mind.

Worship is not entertainment, but one of the greatest privileges the believer is given. The pastor can only do so much and hit only so many home runs. The “success” of worship is largely dependent on the attitude and preparation of the worshipper. This of course does not negate the work of the Holy Spirit in worship. It seeks to highlight the nature of the work we do when we approach God.




Baptism is a sacrament instituted by Jesus where the sign of the Covenant is applied to believers and their children. It is the New Testament replacement of the Old Testament sign of circumcision. It is God telling the believer what He is doing for them as opposed to the idea that the believer is showing God his/her commitment and dedication to Him. It is an act of obedience and blessing.

This sign is a confirmation that the believer belongs to God and is given by Him in commitment to His promises.

The Lord's Table

The Lord’s Table is a sacrament instituted by Christ that shows us visually the work he did for His people. His sacrifice for His people is made clear with Bread and Wine being the visual aids, so to speak.

Believers receive spiritual nourishment, the assurance of His benefits to them and should normally grow in grace if the Table is approached in a correct manner.

It is offered to all baptized believers who trust in Jesus for their salvation. It also looks forward to Jesus’ return for His church. At Grace, we participate weekly.

Music & Lyrics

Music is a wonderful gift given to the church and individuals by the Lord. It speaks to the mind, heart, soul and body. We sing the Psalms and other songs and hymns which are theologically sound and rich.

We are careful to determine if a song is a prayer, an encouragement to the church or worship. Sometimes a song can be a mix of any or all of these aspects. Singing with one’s mind engaged is important here at Grace.

How The Christian Ordinarily Grows

The preaching and teaching of the Word – Personal study included
The administration of the Sacraments
The discipline of prayer
The fellowship of believers
The proper exercise of Biblical church discipline
The sharing of one’s faith
The giving of our money, time and talents as worship

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